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How to get quality traffic on a single page website that converts

Single page website? Not a bad idea. May be you want to sell your products online. You can not write too much as you are too busy in creating and modifying your product. And you need to travel a lot. Its one page website with simple product picture, detailed description, ways to order and customer. You are not tech savvy and don't want to invest too much on website. One page is enough for you. Its doable, but without traffic how will you generate online sales. That is the question right? I said quality traffic that converts and make your bank account numbers increase.  Its a good idea that you want to focus on your product so let it be. Generating online leads is important. Customers are too busy to visit a shop today. They prefer to order online. But how, here we go into deeper details... Find your tribe: Look for people online who sell a similar product. Know where are other sellers. Find your related tribe: What other key things your customer might be using. And from where the

What makes a good article headline

Headline is first thing that people see in search results. A good headline for any type of blog post or article or may be a landing page is that clearly tell reader how the content in this webpage will help you. For example in this blog post I write title / headline as 'What make a good headline'. I did search for the key phrase attention grabbing headline and there are innumerable article around same in different  ways. Purpose of all those articles is same to get viewership. My purpose is also same. I would expect that someone read this article and then contact me to write for her brand. If I have not written this article here for my small readership base then too there is plenty of that available over internet. This is why I decided to put it my ways, what I think about a good headline. A good headline should be small enough such that it can be read in a fraction of a second. It must not contain to many helping verbs and special characters. Only meaningful special characters

Automation for Online Business Branding: Good or Bad

In this universe nothing is extreme; everything is measurable in terms of numbers. Some we know, more we try to understand daily, and even more is left daily to learn. Automation i.e. Use of Technology for Business branding is near perfect. Nothing is fully perfect so is true with software programmes. Automation is completely fine to implement on your business, however, you won't fully depend on any software programme whether its free to use or premium grade. This should be adequate mix of human intelligence and artificial intelligence.  To get maximum out of artificial intelligence (ai) we need to learn it. We need to what this automation tool does and what I am looking for, whether it fits to my requirements. Whether, you are individual or a company, before using any software program must know your needs first, then check the parameters whether those offered by automatic software full your business needs. I have seen many businesses using automation with full noise then collapsin

Consume Quality Content

 How to know what is quality content? There is nothing like good quality or bad quality. Every idea is unique. If you write blog posts and articles regularly, if blogging is something of which earn money whether selling your products or advertisements then writing quality content is essential. Any content piece you have written today will be older tomorrow. Content is worth till its not on papers or screens. Once you deliver idea to the world its something less. You need to strive for better.  Better Content means better business branding and what you consume that you deliver. Learning has no short cuts. Biggest mistake every majority business does is chose short term routes. Result- Your growth is short.  Look any big companies and man behind them, you will learn the brand building was not easy. Any brand that build itself and maintain continuous efforts is never never never a result of short routes. Short routes looks easy to take but never help you in reaching the destination. And i

How to chose your blogging niche

Mathematics is not for everyone. See, what I said in the first statement. And thought came at random. I am not sure but its perhaps due to my close association with academics. I am blogging since years, created many blogs and even killed some that too good earning blog. I can't go in those details in this post but I killed as a 'test', anyone would call me a mad, no blogger will kill an earning blog but I did that. I love doing experiments and did that for my own reasons... details may be sometime later. If you are planning to build a blog do not do it because you are inspired by success of Mashable, that won't lead you to anywhere. On the internet there are millions of blogs published by companies and individuals like Leo Notenboom, an expert of computer security. Before you start a blog look what interests you. I worked for many years as Gig worker. But when I found something techy I read that first holding work and loosing money. When you work hourly you are paid for

Download Covid-19 workplace readiness tool for organizations

Many organizations can't survive long on Work From Home model. Even IT companies running a data center etc need to call employees office and that too for technical reasons. Covid-19 already hampered the world economy. When Corona Virus infection curve will flatten worldwide is a question to times and researchers to answer, but economy has flatten and going down steep. Now many organizations are in dire need to open, they want to open even at the cost of risk from infection. In such trying times one of my favorite institutions "Tata Institute" - Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore has build Covid-19 Work Readiness Tool. Before you open Download Covid-19 workplace readiness tool for organizations  (This is a link to Official Press Release. Following given direct download links Web portal: The software is open source and can be downloaded from github:

Why small blogger fails

If you are blogging solo, Focus on your niche and stick to it. Read a lot. Research. Go library, subscribe to ebooks. Listen to experts. Ask many questions. Take many questions from your readers. Be open to critics. Solve problems. Write what you know, references are a must. Do not try to be like someone. Be your own-self. Post regularly. Be realistic Set tough goals Focus on quality not quantity. Know your market and be there. Advertise your blog. Revise old posts. Work on UI/UX. Write better next day. Be open to change with time. Fail everyday, learn everyday. Failure is when you do not learn from previous day, if you are learning and getting better day by day you are on the right path. Do not make mistake of aiming too high, instead take small steps.

In App or Social Media Advertising

How would you spend advertising budget and prepare for online business? Online business will be tomorrows reality. Still its in the beginning phase, often you do not go online to order a packet of milk or a chocolate till its not for an occasion. Few people do that but because of certain limitations, perhaps can't go to buy often or its too much of work. But when it matters to buy a thing people want to touch it before they sell hard money on the same. AI, VI, AR, VR all came ahead of time but these technologies are timely help in the times of pandemic, COVID 19. Ecommerce companies still not using too much of those techniques but in future they will look to go with such things that involve less human interaction and make lives better. World will be looking to count on more human independent technologies, I feel so. Online business was much like a billboard till date specially in geographies like India but now it will be a marketplace full of crowd. And certainly there would be hel

How to stay fit while work from home

Boring is unfit, interesting is always fit. Stay interested. I am sure you want to punch on my face but remember those weekends when you got extra leaves from office due to certain reasons like a festival etc and how much bored you felt. Entire week you look for the Sundays to come but when you got 3/4 leaves in a row you end up talking to your office colleague for long. Variety works for our body and mind without variety it turn out a garbage bin. Often fitness experts, doctors and well wishers advised you to take variety in your meal and fortunately it works in most of the case specially if you are not sick but not well either. Your stage of body is in limbo. I believe when you do not put variety in your tummy it just start to hate the similar stuff you throw daily inside and over time intestines starts to refuse. Overdo is boring and boring is unfit. Work from home is old phenomena, companies like Automatic are built by work from home employees. If you see Startups of west you will

Challenges of online teaching

Many, and if I say like Sir Abhijeet Banerjee then (many, many, many, many, many ~ as counted Karan Thapar in interview with Wire) Watch here;( ..... :-) Respect! If you are a teacher but still better comfortable with your old Keypad based phone than an iPhone now it's your turn now to learn new things. Online class delivery could be a challenge for MANY teachers especially those who are pretty used to write on a blackboard and maybe never opt for any other means of communication. In South Asia and especially India teachers will face bigger challenges being not technology savvy. Learning a new thing is not that tricky. Online class delivery is really really fun once you learn it you will love doing it but the challenge is to do it right. To help teachers who all of a sudden are in dire need to deliver lectures online here is a link that I found while taking my daily dose of science.  Five tips for moving teaching online as COVID-19 takes

How to avoid distractions during COVID-19 while working from home

All of a sudden WFH become synonymous to work from home and it got hashtag #WFH as well. To those who new to work from, its a challenge. I work from home under different tags in over 13 years I am in habit of it. To me getting to work means leave the bed and take 2 steps. But at times even I get puzzled either due to less productivity or maybe there are days when I am not getting many thoughts to put in writing or maybe simply chair looks boring to me. To get rid of all this I have divided my tasks into chunks and I put those in different baskets. I prefer using a bigger screen but when I feel I am not comfortable sitting despite I am not tired I get to rest and do things on mobile, for example, I can read things of my use on mobile so I can give better career advice or sit with a laptop and do edits and proofing. Work from home need self-dedication; there is nobody to ask you to finish a task faster. For me, disciplined working is a compulsion and I am adopted to it. I am fully respon

Work from home; pleasure or pain

Work from home, be your own boss, set your own work hours, earn unlimited is all myth and less reality. There are two categories of work from home, 1. when you hired on a permanent role and 2. When you hired as a contract employee. Under both heads you must need to 'over promise and over deliver', an employer would expect you to deliver as much as you can and nothing wrong in this, you have to perform in best of your capacities to give the best results. When you work from home chances of losing your work maximizes if you think nobody is watching, work speaks in itself. If you will steal time or won't work up to your maximum capacity, the employer will know and you will be fired anytime. When you decide to work from home, make sure you will do a little extra. This also holds true when you go office and work eight hours. But when you work at your own space where nobody is on your head asking progress responsibilities exceeds. When working from home, do not take responsibility

How to easily prevent yourself from coronavirus

Prevention is the best medicine. Day to day tasks are unavoidable. You can't be caged for days or months. Viral infections are unavoidable, being human and being alive anyone may catch with one or other form of viral infection. But preventive measures for all viral infections are pretty similar as often times we catch virus from Air, through our nostrils, mouth, eyes and ears etc. Coronavirus is not as deadly as it is in our minds, though there are no medications available yet but prevention is the best medicine. Of course it may prove fatal if one is caught with but again probability of a fatal infection is not pretty common. There are many cases who were infected with this virus but cured. Even a single causality can never neven never be termed as not serious, every life matters, sadly there are cases when people died of this viral infection and that's sad, sad moment for a human. Prevent yourself from Coronavirus, here are few tips that I think could help you if you. Thes

Why shall I subscribe to paid email

There are many email clients. Perhaps gmail is largest email provider today. Now we don't hear any more hotmail or yahoo or rediff. Normally a Free Gmail is sufficient to fulfill small business requirements. But then too a paid email client is much better for business. A free email client is for personal use and not for business. There are many paid email clients you can count on to get a premium email service. In general all email clients provide basic features there is not too much difference. Before choosing email for business check features, match with your requirements and opt in. A business email give you a sense of authority. A subscription is your own, you pay for it and rightfully you can use it. Unlike free email client a subscription is a guarantee of service. Service provider is bounded by terms of service to provide you email services. And most importantly its professional way of doing business. It looks cool to your customer. It gives you a sense of authority. You

Octave to take your business online free with no money

Looking to build an Amazon or Google? Those guys also started from somewhere. A friend of mine started from a tea shop and in a year she become capable to buy her own house. Definitely not by selling 4 cups of tea to a customer who need 1 but by growing vertically. This article is not for miser mindset. If you are someone novice to online world and not sure where to begin online that too when you are going to build your first business, then here are some points of advice. If you know very less computers, can't do much more with mobile phones but if you have a product and want to set online shop with no investment of money here are some ways to do it. And all you can do this using Do It Yourself tools/DIY tools. Remember when you get things for free there are certain limitations, but using a DIY tool is not a bad idea and as soon you get better with business your sales start increasing you can chose for premium services. Free Business Email: Gmail is largest email provider now.

7 ways to earn money from writing

If you are good in a subject, it could be any, if your previous knowledge was so scary, if you get better everyday, then writing could be your business choice. Internet has converted writing into a graveyard, I am sorry to say this, but today everyone is a writer. However, writing is not about copying from here and there and rephrasing, writing is not about everything perfect. Many beginners seeking job suddenly start claiming that they are a writer, if this is the case please stop reading. I don't want you to read my article. Writing is something that comes from within, no not like a love at first sight, indeed, when you question, when you ask too many questions around something and seek for answer then that could be your area of interests. You can put your thoughts on a doc. If you think, can I start writing as business, go one step back and ask what are the questions I ask to myself everyday and those questions belongs to where, nature, politics, technology, unknown, family or

3 Internet based business ideas for beginners

Internet has taken over everything. There is popular phrase  make money from internet while sitting.  That phrase is completely wrong, I do not agree, you need whole lot of efforts to make any business a success. Internet is a medium using which you can do business. If you looking for Internet based business here are couple of ideas. I believe you have already heard about these but if you are not pretty sure, here we go Internet Cafe If you happen to live in a town preferably not a major city Internet cafe could be one option. In major cities high end smartphones are reaching to every palm but in small places they are still a dream gadget for many. Plus in rural areas mobile internet is not very fast. Cable Internet is way better than mobile. You will get customers. Go in your nearest marketplace or search online market like amazon etc, get some second hand computers, a quality printer and ready to go. Do not invest fancy things buy second furniture, and find a place on cheap rental

Excellence vs Perfection

There is huge confusion between excellence and perfection. Both are rewarding but... Perfection has limitations, you can not make anything perfect above 100 marks. This is where either you beat the competition or get beaten. Normally both happens. Excellence is about achieving 100%. You can achieve 100 marks in a given task at that point you may argue that here I achieved full percentage. But analogy says, you have achieved it about the task and not around the task. When you strive to achieve around the task there is no upper limit. For example an student may get 100 out of 100 marks in a given examination does that mean he / she 100 perfect in all those topics around what questions were asked or as that employ that there is no one out there in the world who knows better than the student who have faced an examination. This is why governments take Essay test before selecting you for a given post. In companies awards are given to best employees do you know why? So other employees try

SEO or Audience???

Study competitor keywords to win the SEO is most popular myth on the Internet. It could be one technique to win over your competitor but not the whole strategy. SEO market is full of keyword, many of the companies miserably fail in audience research. The noise around Keyword research is so loud that business managers missed out on the main thing; i.e. what users want? I am not against keyword research, many companies win the SERPs game by focusing on SEO keywords but fail in generating sales.They feel appearing on top of searches will win the customers. However, true SEO is, study of audience needs and then working those pain points. To know what your audience wants, reach them and ask. Understand your customers pain points. Then address those issues, make the SEO points your title keywords, meta description, keywords and tags Time have changed now. Today audience get everything without asking. Google search is still good business in inventory but I doubt if this is equally good as

Why freelancers must pay taxes

Full Time Freelancers are found in every sphere. Of those few make real good business while other strive. Failure rate in freelancing is pretty, i suppose more than 90%. Freelancing demands for over promise and over delivery. Majority of freelancers do not fall in tax bracket, paying taxes and then filling return and that too claiming 100% return looks just idiotic task. But hold a minute, its not that way. Chose to pay advance tax whether your income is taxable or not. When you pay advance tax, its like lending the money for the use of expenditure. Government will use this money till you file and claim return. Of course there is a set deadline to file income tax return. If your income is not taxable you can claim for 100% refund. This way you will contribute to national development. In addition, government will also recognize you as responsible person. If you are a full time freelancer ITR is a document that shows you work, it works same like salary slip does. ITR also required wh