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Webscope is the name for service of Create your Webscope. You can count on us for following services.

  • WordPress Website Creation
  • Brand Copy Writing
  • Website Content Writing
  • Content Marketing
  • Content Planning
  • Blogging
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Business Growth Consulting
  • Internet Advertising
For details please drop email to
Please share your name, contact details and preferred time for discussion. You will receive a call back within 3 business days or earlier.

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Yahoo Directory to Shut Down On New Year Eve, Say Good Bye!

The Yahoo Directory project was unbelievably superb and flawless to find things as accurately as they are. This was one of the reasons of success behind .. However, Mashable reported, the directory will be shut down on 31 August 2014 for life. Say good buy to this wonderful vault that never said to us. Embrace the change.

Top 5 Wordpress Host

Wordpress is great CMS for writing blogs and deploying websites. Wordpress is free to use so suitable for beginners; however, it is widely used by established writers and bloggers. It is loved by individuals and corporate alike. World is dominated by Information Communication Technologies

10 Tips to advertise your business for maximum ROI

Are you ready to your business online?  Great.  Without advertising you can't sell to many.  Often advertising turns aimless owing to lack of knowledge. You can advertise anywhere and everywhere but before you decide to burn money on ads know your audience,  where are they? In fact audience are everywhere but you need to look for the locations where you can offer best prices. Creators are everywhere.  People want to buy from one to who either they know or can approach easily and get to know. Looking for global sales is cool and exciting but think twice where you can truly serve and to whom. Here are ways to advertise your business wisely and get maximum ROI 1. Local Newspaper Advertising: This works well for individuals and small size businesses.  For services like PC repairing,  selling water heaters,  coaching centers,  buying and selling used cars etc local newspapers are the best options. 2. Google Adwords: Google has largest market share in advertising space.  It fits fo