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Content Writing / Technical Writing

I develop SEO rich quality content telling about your product and services, so that a person when visit your web page may know why he / she shall ask for your product / services. Quality content means you would be able to tap the target market.

Subject Matter Expert-SME

I prepare manuscripts and perform editing task for publishers and authors. Board Exam Preparation Books, Engineering/Medical Entrance Exam Preparation Books, Competitive Exam Preparation Books, Science Books, Engineering Books are focused areas. You can ask me to make fresh manuscripts for help books and guides etc and editorial work.

Substantive Editing

I review and revise content for your web pages and books both technical and general that may communicate better to your user group.

Copy editing

Copyediting needs checking the manuscript’s language for spelling, grammar and punctuation, and making adjustment in the in-house style so as to make it consistent and conform to the selected standard.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Search Engine Marketing (SEM)/Social Media Marketing (SMM)

As an Internet marketing approach, SEO reflects on how search engines work and what surfer search for. Optimizing a website largely involves editing its content and HTML coding to both augment its relevance to precise keywords and to get rid of obstructions to the indexing behavior of search engines. I optimize your web pages for search engine, and make it appear in the top of search results for top keywords. Also I social media support for all notable social media networks, viz; Facebook, Orkut, LinkedIn, Digg, Yahoo Buzz Etc.


I proofread your documents for typographical errors with 100% accuracy. Wanna Try it.

Fact Checking

I review your manuscript or WebPages and Books and verify the facts and figures etc.


I can gather data for your businesses and professional need on core research methodologies. I am a good researcher.

Article Writing and Submission

I write keyword based articles for you. Ask me to write an article for your magazine, website or directory submission.  I also submit keyword based articles on your behalf in world’s leading directories.

Blog Writing

Ask me to write a blog for you and ensure good traffic for your website through regular blog posts.

Press Releases

I write press releases appealing to your readers. So next time when you have in plan something for your valued customers, sure ask me to write a valuable press release for you which may seek your readers’ attention.

Blogger CMS Set Up and WordPress CMS Set Up

I can set your blogger blog and word press blog CMS in exclusively professional look and feel and give you a ready CMS to publish content pages and posts when and where you want.

Blogging Training (New)*

Want to learn how to blog? You can buy my time. Call me to fix an appointment at your place home / office (if you are in New Delhi or NCR) or via Skype or Phone for other locations.

Social Media Broadcast (New)*

Hire me to speak on Social Media for you. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Reddit.

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