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Dear Google Please Help Us in Fighting the terrorism

This is open letter to Google Inc. This is no more hidden fact from anyone that Pakistan is spreading terrorism in Kashmir Valley in India. Many innocent lives are taken because of terrorist nation Pakistan. They use everything to attack us Indians, our soldiers guarding the national boundaries and innocent people. We want peace, we want to live in harmony and we are a peaceful country. We are strictly against violence in any form. However, when you have a neighbor like Pakistan its next to impossible to live peacefully. I am not a politician but actions of Pakistan and cold blooded murder of our CRPF Personnel in Pulwama has moved me, I am forced to write this open letter. Like many other nationalities Pak people also use Internet. Google as a search engine is used everywhere including Pakistan. Also there are many other Google Apps and infrastructure available to use for free and for a subscription. There is huge pool of Pakistani bloggers who use Google Blogspot platform to blo

Do not work with Pakistan

If you are an Indian businessman whether small or big do favor your country by breaking all kind of trade ties with Pakistan. Read my post here to know what I think how we can kick the Pakistan and Imran Khan by breaking business ties.