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Gmail enabled automatic text SMS style responder

Instant messaging made huge presence in forms of free messaging apps like whatsapp, IMO, fb messenger, Truecaller etc. There is huge line of instant messenger waiting in the queue for success. Due to massive use of instant messengers email is slowly becoming an old lady in the neighborhood. However, it's still preferred and trusted medium for business communication. Most of the business communications  happens over messengers. Emoji, customize auto responder, quick replies and free call features makes instant messengers popular. To give old school buddies a new flavor of email Gmail has rolled out automatic customer responder, Some typical responses are Thank you Thanks a lot Thank you all Looks like Gmail picks your most used words in email to generate a typical quick response. Open any email, in the end you will see couple of automatic quick responders Click on any and reply window will open with auto filled fields, to, subject and mail body. You can edit all these fiel