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Get Brandable Domains for Business

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How to transfer ownership of a Facebook Page?

Mergers and Acquisitions makes business world dynamic. The largest example to this I have seen when Marissa Mayer joined Yahoo Inc. The girl is really rocking with her excellent business strategies. Today most of the businesses have Facebook Page for company / organization. When someone acquires a business, owner also wants to get control on Facebook Page so as to take old customers along. Here is how to transfer Facebook Page ownership.

UC Web releases Android Go for smartphones

Delisting of UC Browser from Google Play Store was a breaking news in the tech world. However, to cover the damage done, the UC Web of China released new UC Browser Mini Android Go. You can download Android Go free for on your phone from Google Play Store. At the time of writing its rated 4.4 by users on Android Play Store.You need android 4.0 or higher to download and install this browser.

Before you start Solopreneurship

 Solopreneurship is when you pay yourself. SOLO here I mean completely solo starting from dusting your office table to making schedule for next day. No human support. Starting a company is always a nice idea, failing is not bad but when to start. Often mentors say, start now. And we jump to conclusion too fast. But before you begin, buy that office chair, get a business email consider your resources. Plan your budget. This is not for people  who have backup support. But for those who have no support and for whom support comes for a price. Technology and Human Resources you always can get for a price. So you before you start consider these points. Resources I need to do this business? From where I can acquire best quality resources for my business? How much will be resource cost? How long I will take to build this business? What are my liabilities? What challenges I would face in building this business? When I will get my first customer? How I will scale up further? How much money I hav