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Organic SEO or Paid Reach

I have e-commerce website, how do I approach clients; Organic SEO or Paid Campaign Your website is born and its a good thing. You expect more sales for obvious reasons. A website is like a child,  it cannot grow overnight.  You need to care for it for years and grow with it. Do you send a child to fight for Olympic race,  day one? No,  right.  There are many things involve before a child grow and start running on Olympic track.  Of these health is top most contributor. Same is true with your e-commerce site.  It's born now.  You need to feed it right ingredient. For a website growth and recognition organic SEO holds utmost value.  Organic SEO is all about creating right story that may give recognition to your website among audience. A website get this recognition when it's tagged in the right places where your consumers are. You have created a story,  you have tagged in right places,  eyes are rolling over it, but very less in numbers. This is when paid campaign counts.