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Is push mail notification a non sense

Automation is good but is it reliable too? For very long time Android phone was alien to me. But considering public demand of SEND ME Whatsapp rants lastly I invested in this idiot gadget. Not more than 24 hours and I realized it's a complete waste of money given if you do not take too many photos and if you do not work in an android environment. But anyway hole was already burnt in my pocket. Only one thing become easy for me that is reading email. I kept only emails on and relied on email notifications. However today no mails popped out. I thought may be everyone celebrating India's Republic Day. I text message to CEO of reputed company regarding a pending email answer. He is a busy fellow. You can get him easily. Since matter was important I thought to give a text message. Out of nothing I opened my email and found his reply which he did early morning. SHOCKED. Lesson learnt check your mail box manually before texting.