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6 Website mistakes you should not repeat in 2022

Not updating old content: Old is Gold, popular saying, right? Gold glitters when taken care. Goldsmith earn decent money from cleaning gold ornaments and remaking. At least in my geography 50% footfall an average in a goldsmith shop happens for repurposing gold items (include others as well). Not focusing on specifics: Your website is open for all world, right? But everyone is not your buyer for many reasons. In spite of your size  your customer base is limited. Know your customers. Make your website customer centric.  Not spending on marketing: A website without marketing is a like a fashion store without showcases. If your website won't show up nobody will bother to get your services. Reach to people as often as you can. Reach in person, reach online. Give presence. Not Investing on UI/UX: Your website should be effortless to browse through for both search robots and humans. And it should be presentable. Nobody want to take a bouncy route to a destination when there are many alte