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Showing posts from February 13, 2018

Play for WordPress makes your blog listenable

People want to do more in less time. New content is created every second but huge portion of it goes in the drain. An HBS professor once told his class people don 't want to buy a quarter inch drill, they want a quarter inch hole'. Perhaps you create many blog posts often. WordPress is seen as luxury for publishing content. But ROI of your content is your readers. Everyone don't want to read. People love freeness.  They want to learn but do not like to get chained.  This is one reason we can see online learning is in the boom since its inception. Your goal is to teach your audience effortlessly. Make their lives easy,  send them your content in audio. If you have a WordPress blog,  download Play for WordPress Plugin Make your blog Listenable. Period!!!

How many Quora answer shall I write daily

More answers means more popularity,  RIGHT ? I would say,  WRONG! If you are asking this question I am pretty sure you are looking for lead generation using Quora. More answers certainly get more links but not more leads. People want to meet expert who can solve their problem and not someone who create noise only. Experts speak less,  they do not speak till they cannot conclude a thing superbly. Speaking is one thing but systematic speaking comes with continuous learning,  systematic experiments,  deep thought process and willing to solve a problem. Solving a problem needs loads of mind work,  without rigorous mental work out you won't give away any answers that may solve a problem. Take example of Seth Godin,  he writes one blog post a day,  in very limited words and gives lots of learning. Sir Richard Branson,  LinkedIn Influencer, writes often,  he writes his own blog and sums up things beautifully. LeoNotenboom writes how to of Windows,  system and security.  His every