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How to easily prevent yourself from coronavirus

Prevention is the best medicine. Day to day tasks are unavoidable. You can't be caged for days or months. Viral infections are unavoidable, being human and being alive anyone may catch with one or other form of viral infection. But preventive measures for all viral infections are pretty similar as often times we catch virus from Air, through our nostrils, mouth, eyes and ears etc. Coronavirus is not as deadly as it is in our minds, though there are no medications available yet but prevention is the best medicine. Of course it may prove fatal if one is caught with but again probability of a fatal infection is not pretty common. There are many cases who were infected with this virus but cured. Even a single causality can never neven never be termed as not serious, every life matters, sadly there are cases when people died of this viral infection and that's sad, sad moment for a human. Prevent yourself from Coronavirus, here are few tips that I think could help you if you. Thes