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That one word discussed less often. People talk about Goals, give examples, create noises and vanish. But interestingly nobody talks about play field. Goals when set are not achieved. This happen more than often because then our concentration goes to goal post and bypass everything in between. Let me tell you an incident. Focus on Goal or Setting a Goal is a perfect idea but to make that idea work you have to master the play field. I started a blog, thought let's see if I will get visitor, few visitor happen. I started running Google AdSense, thought let's see if I can get advertisement. It started happening. I thought let's do more post and see how everything changes. Visitor started increasing. I thought because I work alone, lets see what will happen if I do quality post. Blog start booming. I started making Good money, sufficient to live in any Indian City. And here started my bad days. For few days I was out of work. At this point out of nothing no solid reasons