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Client/Customer Retention: How to get repeated customers

Your business is launched whether small, medium or big. You got first few customers/clients did you ever counted how many customers are walking back to again. If you are not getting repeated customers find the gaps. If you can't find the gaps/loopholes you won't be able to Hack Gaps. Finding gaps and Hack Gaps to retain customers in Offline Business is comparatively easy than in online business. When you know the customers' faces you can interact directly. This is why ecommerce companies counts much on customer reviews. Customer come back or go for many reasons; some could be Product Quality, Service Quality and Behavior. Price might be an issues if someone selling the same product or service for less cost. But price is secondary. Take customers feedback. People come in different package. You cannot expect that everyone will tell fault and gaps in your product or service. This is why companies ask for Star Graded Ratings. Give your customers enough channels to criticize you