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Why you should proofread every email before pressing send button

They say,  first impression is the last. I would say every impression matters. Let's understand it this way You visited a tea shop,  got your beverage and drank it. Wow,  this was so refreshing. Didn't you felt good? Didn't you told your friends? Didn't you think of to revisit the same tea shop again? Of course you did. Next you visited the same tea shop again hoping to buy some feel good factor over a cup of tea. Sadly this time tea was cold,  no aroma and only added sugar. How you felt? Didn't you asked the tea vendor to change your cup? Didn't you complained? Of course you did. Tea vendor changed your beverage too. But are you likely to revisit the shop again? Perhaps you are least likely to visit. Same thing is true with you business emails and any any email. A perfectly written email tells the reader about a perfect you. An email with errors clearly shows either you do not know how to do things or bother least about others. Why soomeone sha

IMO free video calls and chat app review

The IMO free video calls and chat app by Google made headlines during launch. Perhaps a year later I downloaded it to make a free voice calling to a prospective client who stays in UAE. First conversion happened over 100 minutes. 2 or 3 times there was little fluctuations in voice. But voice quality was superior in fact 10 times better than a phone call. I will give 7.5 stars to IMO free video call and chat app on a scale of 10, obviously for a one to one call. If you want to save money and make many international calls IMO is the best app to have in your smartphone. Download was pretty easy,  install was smooth.  For me it took only little above 2 minutes. As soon install completes the app asks to access phone which I allowed. Within 3 seconds I was able to add contact and start calling. The IMO app has very neat and clean user interface.  Though app runs mobile ads but those ads do not obstruct or overlap with other features. Using IMO app you can chat in group,  share files a