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9 simple to do tasks to build and scale up a business

#1. Keep your surroundings clean:  Pick that clean towel right away and clean your work zone, your desk, your study room or whatever you call it. Clean environment will make you feel nice and relaxed. You will be better focused. #2. Set your work schedule: Observe anything in nature it has a schedule and pace. Nature works in a constant manner. Sun rises everyday, not go for a holiday. Earth not go slow on its rotatory motion. River water makes it own path. Man is a part of nature. Be consistent. My High School English teacher was a Gold Medalist. He never studied more than 2 hours a day. #3. Eat when Hungry: Calories from right sources in right amount. No you do not need a weighing scale to do this. Human body always tells what is good, what is bad. Elephant never eats grass. It counts on tree trunks and nobody teach an elephant what is a balanced diet. Listen to your body. #4. Read: Not necessary to understand Classical Mechanics if you can that's good. If its not your choice rea