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How do I get my blog posts on top of Search Engine Results

Every blogger want to be seen on top of Google Search Engine Result Pages also called SERPs. This is digital era. Writing a blog and not seen on SERPs is very much like leaving the money on table. This is pain point of many bloggers and gain point for SEO companies. If you have written a blog post or planning for it and want to be seen on search results here are some points to consider 10 tips to show your blog posts on top of search engine result pages (serps) 1. Your post idea is great. Ask yourself, what problem this post is going to solve? 2. Write for the audience. Massive content is generated every minute. From observations I know average user stays on a webpage for less than a minute. A very small population truly read whole post, normally people look for key points. Instead of reading thoroughly people quick scan through a post. Write in bulleted points or numbered points. 3. Give references. Perhaps, you are an expert in your field but without references people are les