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Get .app

Download my app from play store. Download my app on ios? Ok I will.  This era is going to change completely with the rollout of DOT APP / .app tld. Now you only need to tell download my app.... That means Your audience don't need anymore to search for app inside play store or iOS app library. World is going global, everyone need to have presence over internet. Many businesses are going there, spending thousands of dollars. But what matters is findability. If you are not findable on internet nobody will buy your product, for sure or you will loss a massive market share.  There is huge crowd of websites and web applications waiting for first customer / first lead to materialize. Information highway is hugely crowded and full of lucrative offers. Every marketer is tirelessly telling, why this product is best. Recommendations are not often turning into leads simply because there is too much noise. In such a scenario when customer is truly confused due to information o