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Link distribution tips for small business; 3 points

Link distribution, link spreading, linking your website or product page is common strategy to let people know about your product and services. Automatic Website Builders and CMSes like WordPress has made the website creation job easy. Specially small websites many people can create with little patience. What makes the difference in business is how much you are able to accelerate CTAs through your website, product page or may be a landing page. When a website is there its obvious that we go online and share links among family and friends and then come next task, i.e. sharing with public. This is where link distribution begins. So before you truly start link distribution look for: Where your customers are? In the age of Internet your customers are worldwide, Identify to who you can serve truly? Sitting in Ahmedabad you can not deliver water bottle to a thirsty prospect in Amsterdam. Find where your competitors are?   A business based out of Oregon can not serve ready to eat pasta in Odis