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Showing posts from March 16, 2018

How to communicate email to team

Do you handle a team? Are you responsible to report someone? Chances are you are sending cc of every email to Boss. Stop doing it now. Instead send bcc Heck,  why they call it blank carbon copy. Indeed its boss carbon copy. Some team members may get uncomfortable when CEO is reading every email. This happened to me, suddenly a team member is losing her peace of mind. I am content consultant for a company and handling a small team. I repeatedly explained her whole procedure, she not followed. Now,  here, game turned ugly. She gave an explanation which was excuse because Boss is reading. I turned out heavy hand and she lost control. Lame excuses are definitely not Welcome but before marking a cc think twice. A bcc won't do any damage to transparency. I was asked by my CEO to mark cc of every email but from today it's bcc.

1 solid way to fail miserably

Want to fail in exams? Do not study. Want to fail in business? Do not speak. Want to fail in relationship? Do not care Want to fail in friendship? Do not share. Want to fail in getting rich? Do not give. Want to fail in being famous? Do not work. Want a failed health? Do not bother. Want to fail as a person? Do not take responsibility. See the power of NOT. How solid is it?