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Why your business need a website in social media age

Indeed well known fact, but let me say here again, Social Media is the place to connect with like minded people. Social Media is open to all, anyone can join, it's powerful. The power of social media cannot be underestimated. But do you know, Social Media is Open for all with a closed boundaries. Its pretty same like when you need to fly a distant country you need a valid visa too. Let's come to the website part; I suppose a website is like Open Nature Park where anyone can go, and relax. When you have a website anyone can visit this, more visitors means more popularity. Often monuments are much popular that that specific villa owned by a millionaire in neighborhood. Website is your virtual space, anything that you do on your website fully belongs to you. Its like those farmlands where you can grow crops of choice that make good dividends for you. People connected to you on a social media platform will come and go, some of those will become truly strong connections. However, yo