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Canva Review: Graphic design tool to build your brand

Design tools are essential for every business. Hiring a designer is is quite fine but what you do not have that budget. Perhaps you will look for some tools online, right? A tool that is user friendly so you can give your content and media some colors too. Photoshop is most widely used tool but someone who uses design tools occasionally download and install one such tools is not a very great idea. It will take lots of resources too.  All computer programmes whether you use a Windows or Linux and may be a Mac comes with graphic design tools. However, those are very basic type. I never used Mac so can't say much about a Mac. May be that is great because Steve Jobs was a great artist in the first place. But when you need a tool for basic purposes you may need an easy to use Graphic Design tool. A tool that can do quick designs for you. I am using Canva since many years  till now free version. Personally I give Canva Graphic Design tool 4 out of 5 points. Its browser based and works ve