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Digital Marketing Terminology

The new age advertising happens on screens; viz; laptops and mobiles. Smartphone and Internet together fulfills every wish of yours. If you are doing business you need to reach to people’s devices. Often we hear different terms related advertising on internet and sometime found ourselves na├»ve. To help business owners and learners I gathered digital marketing terms from different sources and put those here. Hope you readers will enjoy reading across this page and leverage your knowledge.
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Before you get your domain from x/y/z know ABCs

Domain registrar are many. There are two kind of domain registrar. One professional. Two, touts. Here by nature of previous phrase you get what I mean. Second set is really a worry. I don't have any intentions to demean anybody on earth. But when you get a domain name, you mean business.  There are many review websites you can count on to know about a domain registrar. But problem is still same. Whether reviews are paid or real customer review you never know. And for many reasons you cannot always go with the best of best. So here is in simple steps, how to check your domain registrar credibility. 1. Before you chose look for negative reviews. From this you will know the type of problems you may face with x,y,z registrar. 2. Look who are customers of the domain registrar. This information is not very easily available but with some research you can find. Look what those customers are doing, since how how long one customer is with same registrar. And the type of business they are doi

What I learn from Parle-G

Parle-G, who don't know that name in India. Home or Office, Birthday's or a casual visit, morning snacks or evening tea breaks. Good times or days of struggle. Parle-G is always there to help you.  Those were good old days, all play, all fun, fighting with siblings and turn to be a sweet boy if mother is watching. My uncle used to visit us every now and then and each time he made sure to come with one packet of Parle-G biscuit. He happen to be a first class academician. Actually this was the only packet I was allowed to accept from a guest, else, any other thing brought by anyone was completely not allowed. When I little grew up and my other uncle and sisters taught me counting I counted biscuits inside. Then I counted again in next week, then perhaps in next week. And I concluded 12 biscuits for Rs. 2. I did all divisions, multiplications, subtractions and additions around my cookies. To a young chap the Print of Child on the packet was a catch. I used to think why after openi

Why documentation is important for bloggers

More often I received requests to improve website SEO or build a new website or improve an existing one. One common problem with lot of those website owners and bloggers is they do not have any documents about their expectations. They say do it best, do it as you like, I mean business. Or maximum they present some similar site. Imagine a legal professional showing you a similar site and its about a hotel or resort. That is not the story of most novice only. Even people in IoT business since over a decade and software professionals act numb. This simply put off me. Whenever you start a blog or website, ask yourself Why I am creating this website? Who are my prospects? What I expect from this website? How this website well fulfill my expectation? How I want this site to look like? How I will promote this website? How often I will need upgrade? How much budget and time I can allocate for this? Write down answers to above questions and any additional one that you have? To help you design p