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Authority vs Order

 My First in Hack Gaps: Authority Versus Order So you want to get maximum out of your staff? Give them authority, more authority. When order comes in the form of a gentle request employees feel good, they feel that they are important to company, boss respect them and they take responsibility.  If you want to take your business from 0 to 1, give them more authority. If you want to take your business from 1 to n, order your employees. I am privileged to work with a top notch Indian company in a small capacity. But in a span of 18 years I never received any order to work, there are no orders to work for bunch A or Bunch B of task. When a task comes I have full authority to gain full control on it and perform. For obvious reasons there are enough checks and balances. I do not feel over burdened even when there is massive task to perform, huge team to work in cooperation with each other. Like any other person I equally need to inform what has been done, what I am doing at my desk, what I am

Hack Gaps

 Just I was writing an email to my collogue and the term Hack Gaps suddenly I keyed. So let's Hack Gaps to build that unique brand. My terms are stolen more often so I thought to key down it here to flaunt and say see I am the creator of Hack Gaps. I don't know if anyone before today has said or written or thought that term before I wrote that email.  Whether someone before has thought or not, not my business. But my business is to make optimal use of the term I said, and thought it's nascent for me. However, you have to wait for sometime or may be days before I come up with something may be like how to use hack gaps to build your brand.