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Steal that Lunchbox

Employers in majority like to see heads sunk in computers and machines. Business managers like to see team sweating and shivering. Clients do not fix appointment but they give own time. Perhaps this is story of many under growing companies. On the other hand growing companies work in association with team mates. In undergrowing companies employees are paid for task. In growing companies they are paid for value addition. Human mind is designed to add value when put for a challenge. Normally business managers, ceos, clients do not put a challenge, this is where productivity hampers. You can not open and shut human brain with commands. There requires right enzymes in right amount at right time to add value. Every brain is important. Every mind has some potential. And to dig out that potential you need to sweat. The work environment should not be boring for anyone. There must be enough flexibility for everyone. And you need to add some fun too. Fun is not about taking your employees to hil