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Hiring decision for business beginners

Decision with Precision can make or break your startup. However, no decision will lead you nowhere. When doing business be ready to fail. Decide to hire talent, true talent, not cheap. True talent is when a person think on own instead of waiting orders. Look for long term goals. See your first as life long business partner. Of course an employee is always free to walk out but employee retention is something that an entrepreneur must know. Invite enough number of applicants. Shortlist many at least 20% of those numbers. Talk to them. Find reasons why this person is willing to work. If I hire this fellow will he stay with company for long. Asking price? Do not look for very cheap resources. Instead hire the one who is asking more.  If you are in financial crunch instead offer some percentage in business or performance based remuneration together with salary. Or hire for less hours. Pay more for less hours is better than paying cheap.  Select few even if you need one. Invite for a paid de