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Client/Customer Retention: How to get repeated customers

Your business is launched whether small, medium or big. You got first few customers/clients did you ever counted how many customers are walking back to again. If you are not getting repeated customers find the gaps. If you can't find the gaps/loopholes you won't be able to Hack Gaps. Finding gaps and Hack Gaps to retain customers in Offline Business is comparatively easy than in online business. When you know the customers' faces you can interact directly. This is why ecommerce companies counts much on customer reviews. Customer come back or go for many reasons; some could be Product Quality, Service Quality and Behavior. Price might be an issues if someone selling the same product or service for less cost. But price is secondary. Take customers feedback. People come in different package. You cannot expect that everyone will tell fault and gaps in your product or service. This is why companies ask for Star Graded Ratings. Give your customers enough channels to criticize you

Authority vs Order

 My First in Hack Gaps: Authority Versus Order So you want to get maximum out of your staff? Give them authority, more authority. When order comes in the form of a gentle request employees feel good, they feel that they are important to company, boss respect them and they take responsibility.  If you want to take your business from 0 to 1, give them more authority. If you want to take your business from 1 to n, order your employees. I am privileged to work with a top notch Indian company in a small capacity. But in a span of 18 years I never received any order to work, there are no orders to work for bunch A or Bunch B of task. When a task comes I have full authority to gain full control on it and perform. For obvious reasons there are enough checks and balances. I do not feel over burdened even when there is massive task to perform, huge team to work in cooperation with each other. Like any other person I equally need to inform what has been done, what I am doing at my desk, what I am

Hack Gaps

 Just I was writing an email to my collogue and the term Hack Gaps suddenly I keyed. So let's Hack Gaps to build that unique brand. My terms are stolen more often so I thought to key down it here to flaunt and say see I am the creator of Hack Gaps. I don't know if anyone before today has said or written or thought that term before I wrote that email.  Whether someone before has thought or not, not my business. But my business is to make optimal use of the term I said, and thought it's nascent for me. However, you have to wait for sometime or may be days before I come up with something may be like how to use hack gaps to build your brand.