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3 reasons website development is long lasting business

Website Development as a business is mushrooming everywhere. There is no shortage of Human Resources. At some points it appears like Web Dev companies will be washed out. Being a web producer at times i think for how many years this profession will stay. Today anyone can build a website. There free tools and tools for little prices. Often few of friends say, leave this profession, this won't stay in the race. But when I look back, I find huge growth of websites over the years and it's growing. So I feel website development will stay in the race, may be not always but its life is long lasting. Here are reasons why website development as a business will survive. 1. New job seekers are more open to do business. Every business will need a website to reach to customer. 2. Every business owner will not be developer. People come from diverse backgrounds. Making a website is pretty easy but making a presentable website is equally tough. 3. Learning new techniques need time and e