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One person at a time

Phone ettiquete   Calls are important. You need to make and reply. When call must ask first if the receiver is in right situation to respond. When taking a call do not hold caller for the other person. When you are in a meeting with anyone do not take calls. When you hold a person for the sake of answering next it gives impression that man who was already engaged with you is less important. Systematic approach is important. Basic etiquette are important to make your business successful. I never met any successful person not having phone manners. On the other hand those less serious are complaint box, no manners, no systems, no etiquette. The way a person handle his phone from that I guess seriousness of doing business. On a given day a man was sitting with me we initiated a serious discussion, he took call in between and next I told him to decide first if the work in discussion is right for him. A given day I made a call to my office colleague, project was very important

Dear VIKRAM we miss you

You reached for the moon, we eagerly waited this side on earth to see you landing on Moon. We were excited, as every moment passed during descent we hold our breaths tightly. Our fingers were crossed and all of a sudden you gone out of sight from our computers. This is not easy to realize that a baby is lost early and we can do nothing. But you are brave, you are courageous and you are unique. My heart goes with you. And hope you are in good health and enjoying your new place the Moon. Miss you Vikram. Dear Team ISRO, undoubtedly you did everything possible to make the mission Chandrayaan 2 a success. Fail is fail. It's really painful. I was hopping to get a good news at the break of dawn. As the greatest Saint of all times Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam says, translate your dreams into action. Let's begin the journey again. All hearts and support goes to you. Hats of Sir Dr. K. Sivan and team ISRO. Kalam not smile so easily...... Same as you feel, wish and hope, I too pray for