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5 ways to get quality traffic on your website

Everyone wants quality,  so does you.  There is nothing wrong in seeking something good,  better or extraordinary.  What you sow is what you reap.  Quality traffic comes for quality content. What you publish shall answer a question  solve a problem or clear a doubt.  Nobody want to read you because you can write it and you are dying to make money from advertising. People read your content if it's worth and makes life easier.  Any content that solve a problem makes the way to bookmarks.  It get recommendations without asking for it.  Quality content is consumable. Here are 5 qualities of quality content 1. Its easy to understand 2. It enhance know how 3. It answers a question. 4. It has accurate facts and figures. 5. It has references to win trust. If you have all this in your content, quality traffic will come. Quality traffic is when people look in your website,  appreciate its content and press for call to action.  There is no question of quality traffic without actio

Create and sell program with help of Guidable App

Are you an expert in something?  Have you written a book or a blog?  Perhaps you have many blog posts. Do you want to sell your skills and teach your audience? If you are an expert of something chances are you are looking to reach to more people and earn some money too. When you build a website for selling it comes with many challenges, if you want to accept online fees,  payment gateway will charge you. Building a website is costly for selling a program if you are short on budget. To help you here is an app for experts  called Guidable This app is free,  you download and Install for Android and iOS. Process is simple,  download and install apps and start creating courses.  If you already have blog posts,  paste the content in your Guidable.  Billing issues will be handled by the app itself.  You can create courses worry free. This product is listed on ProductHunt.  Read user reviews here