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How to build a business with minimum resources

Note: This article is not for everyone. Read at your own risk. Farmers' protests are ongoing in India. Precisely Indian Capital New Delhi is filled with farmers, protesters and supporters. In childhood, I learnt from text books that India is Agrarian Economy. And justified this statement my own ways, the young kid in me.  If I walk from my home towards East may be 10s of Kms then there is all land, land for agriculture, towards West its all forest, towards South may be forest with Lions but if I go towards North 7 km then there is market and Railways. So less railways/market, more land and hence India's economy is based on agriculture. Though this supposition was purely childish. But in my teens I realized its not untrue either. Geography was there to prove the facts. And to my surprise later I learnt boys and girls learn Agriculture as a Subject and then got to know Ag Sci is also taught in America. For me land was something on which I will work to buy my dream car.  Hey, that