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How to do content referencing correctly

There is a common belief- when you give reference link below your article or put down source link it helps in ranking your article, may be whole blog and you will get enormous traffic. May be you will get results using these technics, perhaps you may pass the litmus test of ranking on search engine this way for sometime, may be days or months. But question is do you really know the source. There is a rat race in the name of Off-Page SEO, ranking on first page or top of Google Search. However, I see this tactic in a completely different way.  In my opinion and experience if you really don't know the source it won't be sustainable for long. Readers who scroll down till end of the page are real readers. Majority of those are true readers who know well about those sources and if they find a reference link source that is unknown they are intended to click over it and look or read. Here at this point you will be exposed. Your page will be exposed. A reader who trusted on your webpage