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Showing posts from January 27, 2018

So news stories should be true Google launching Bulletin App

The information  when travel a longer route lost in Information.  There is a huge difference when an event is observed from the within and outside.  There is (mis)information overload.  Everyone is running behind publishing more stories so to get more views. There is nothing wrong in publishing more stories but media should be responsible.  A journalist job is like a community doctor.  There is phrase in journalism profession that a journalist can postmortem the news. However for the sake of creating more content media houses forgot the responsibility. Companies like Google,  Facebook,  Microsoft already started punishing bad journalism, fake stories.  However,  this is not enough if insiders voices won't come out and heard. Google has taken steps in this direction.  So voices can be heard from within,  company has launched Bulletin App. You can download Google Bulletin App from app store and start publishing hyperlocal stories of your community. Currently the app works in fo

How often you should take Whatsapp Business chat backup

Whatsapp Business chat comes with loads of instructions and file exchange. Inevitable may happen anytime.  They never ring a bell before coming your way. In the era of Internet more inevitable happens on virtual world than real. Data is precious.  People are selling hard earned money to buy data.  Did you know I get many repeat customers after years of silence.  Customer data and its safety is top most priority of any business.  Also you need for followup You should take Whatsapp backup Daily,  weekly and monthly Taking backup is super easy. Go to Whatsapp Business Setting Tap on Chat Tap on Chat Back Chose for the backup option and follow the steps.