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The 3 Cs of being successful

Everyone want to be successful. Few strives to achieve success. When I see anyone working hard, I wish,  if I could be that person. Inspirations are everywhere,  you need an eye to get inspired, learn and lead. When I feel,  stressed,  consumed or exhausted,  I go streets and get new ideas. An idea is like opium,  it gives you certain level of energy boost, you feel refreshed and can focus on doing things more responsibly. Hoever,  that is the ground work. If you are not able to achieve a thing,  if you are not able to make that sales,  if you are not able to get into steady relationships,  IT'S YOU!!! Nobody can achieve everything,  and everybody can achieve everything.  Doing anything needs loads of deep thoughts,  systematic strategy and energy to execute. If you do not execute there is no question of loss or gain.  Execution leads to learning and gains and learning comes from obstacles. Learn everyday a new thing,  read a book,  play a game,  make a friend,  watch nature