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List of 50k stupid passwords

iloveu Is this your secret word to check email? Well, hackers will love you. You are a sweet person to them. They can open your email, read all your information, access your phone, check your bank details and even your social security account. They will love you a lot. You will never know how many lovers you have out there in the world till one morning your smartphone will stop working, your bank account will be empty and what not? Consequences of chosing an easy to cracj password may be huge. You may loss all your savings. Chose your password wisely. To help you stay safe Mozilla has released List of 50000 Common Password; all a set of 8 characters. The accounts using these passwords are already exposed. So you do not get trapped and take a better password here is: List of 50000 Common Passwords you should never use Stay Safe Never share your password with anyone Take a strong password A strong password is which only you know Password should be in your head only A str