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How to find a nice domain name

This article is not written for Elon Musk or Seth Godin  I am supposing you are a nice person with some necessary bad qualities and a beginner like I was sometimes back, now I am starter.... and a bad fellow... urghhh .... Are you looking to take your business online? Or you have a business and want to sell on internet and looking to make your first website. You already have a thought and may be list of very nice domain names that sound cool. Suddenly you see a competitor in Bill Gates. That's exciting. Wait a minute, before taking a very nice hot and cool domain name. You mean business and more business through internet. What is that exciting name, is it associates with you? I bet it's not. You are betting for a dot com with that honorable word in the oxford pocket dictionary. What is plan of selling, how you going to tell people that they can order for your product online? You will start telling right? First in person I suppose. And you will expect them