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SEO Tools Free or Paid; which one to chose

Free??? Virtually nothing is free. There are two type of free tools; one created by small time developers who want to show skills to the world; second types are created by professionals and companies. I am not against type one. But these are the variety of tools not updated regularly for the new changing matrix. While propriety tools are updated often more quickly. If you are beginner and have budget constraints then chose free seo tools. However, if you have budget go for subscription services, I wont like to give any names here. I recommend names only when I have personally tried a service. However, when looking for SEO tools subscription service first try couple of those and identify which one will suit your business, your website your blog or your social media. Any tools has its pros and cons so as the SEO tools. Best way to chose and seo tool is to ask yourself what I am expecting from my website or social media or blog? Then look for the seo tools across libraries, test and try c