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How to get quality traffic on a single page website that converts

Single page website? Not a bad idea. May be you want to sell your products online. You can not write too much as you are too busy in creating and modifying your product. And you need to travel a lot. Its one page website with simple product picture, detailed description, ways to order and customer. You are not tech savvy and don't want to invest too much on website. One page is enough for you. Its doable, but without traffic how will you generate online sales. That is the question right? I said quality traffic that converts and make your bank account numbers increase.  Its a good idea that you want to focus on your product so let it be. Generating online leads is important. Customers are too busy to visit a shop today. They prefer to order online. But how, here we go into deeper details... Find your tribe: Look for people online who sell a similar product. Know where are other sellers. Find your related tribe: What other key things your customer might be using. And from where the

What makes a good article headline

Headline is first thing that people see in search results. A good headline for any type of blog post or article or may be a landing page is that clearly tell reader how the content in this webpage will help you. For example in this blog post I write title / headline as 'What make a good headline'. I did search for the key phrase attention grabbing headline and there are innumerable article around same in different  ways. Purpose of all those articles is same to get viewership. My purpose is also same. I would expect that someone read this article and then contact me to write for her brand. If I have not written this article here for my small readership base then too there is plenty of that available over internet. This is why I decided to put it my ways, what I think about a good headline. A good headline should be small enough such that it can be read in a fraction of a second. It must not contain to many helping verbs and special characters. Only meaningful special characters