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These Top 10 mobile app builders you truly going to love

Do you want to make an app for mobile, android or iOS but hard coding is a pain for you? Then surely you will love using one mobile app builder. With help of these app makers you can build mobile app application for your business without single line of HTML and Java coding. For small business and startups these apps are blessings. Also big organizations can make use of app builders so in house app developers can focus on main task, i.e. user experience instead of reinventing the wheel. Mobile app builders mainly come in two versions i.e. freemium and premium.

How to write a blog post title?

Post title is something,  looking at which your audience will say, Yuck or Yeh. Yuck means a reader is feeling cheated by you and search engine, he is desperate,  furious,  and angry.  Next he will pick phone and dial yellow pages.  An Yeh means he will read your pages,  remember your website name and if he is kind enough will subscribe to your email list.  So,  how to write an 'yeh I get it' blog post title? 1. Include top primary keyword in your post title 2. Including a signal like how,  why,  top,  a number or a verb. 3. Relate your top keyword with signal 4. Add necessary adjectives.  5. Keep it free from punctuation  6. Review your post title.  7. Edit and keep it short and simple,  easy to understand by a 3rd grader.  Are you ready now.  Take your ass to work.