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How to easily prevent yourself from coronavirus

Prevention is the best medicine. Day to day tasks are unavoidable. You can't be caged for days or months. Viral infections are unavoidable, being human and being alive anyone may catch with one or other form of viral infection. But preventive measures for all viral infections are pretty similar as often times we catch virus from Air, through our nostrils, mouth, eyes and ears etc.
Coronavirus is not as deadly as it is in our minds, though there are no medications available yet but prevention is the best medicine. Of course it may prove fatal if one is caught with but again probability of a fatal infection is not pretty common. There are many cases who were infected with this virus but cured. Even a single causality can never neven never be termed as not serious, every life matters, sadly there are cases when people died of this viral infection and that's sad, sad moment for a human.
Prevent yourself from Coronavirus, here are few tips that I think could help you if you. These piece of opinions I gathered based on different studies.
1. Do not hug, kiss or shake hands; say hello, give smile, treat each other well but maintain a distance, 2 meters or higher. Take special precautions if meeting stranger.
2. Avoid crowded places and Transport: If not possible wear a mask, if its not an N 95, cover your mouth and nose with a good quality handkerchief. This will prevent you from air infection too.
3. Wash Hands before you eat: Before every meal, or before anything you put in your mouth must wash your hands with soap and clean wipe with clean towel.
4. Give up the habit of touching your face: To touch your face, rub eyes etc is very common, give up the habit, that will also promote good hygiene in you. Virus generally enters through openings like mouth, eyes and nose etc.
5. While coughing and sneezing put handkerchief or towel or tissue paper on your face, or bend your hands and cover with your elbow. Do not hand touch.
6. In case you or anyone near you has caught with high fever above 104 deg F in last 10 days or having dry cough (but not common cold symptoms) see medical help. In case you are suspect or someone near you go to quarantine.
7. Do not panic: Coronavirus is not deadly, it comes and go in a span of 10 days, if infection happens do not panic at all, follow medical advice.

For more details about Coronavisus, and safety guidelines etc see 

Coronavirus - World Health Organization

The above link will take you to the website of WHO. 

Prevention is the best medicine.

In case of high fever, dry cough (different from common cold) and pneumonia like symptoms seek medical help immediately.


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