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How to chose your blogging niche

Mathematics is not for everyone.
See, what I said in the first statement. And thought came at random. I am not sure but its perhaps due to my close association with academics. I am blogging since years, created many blogs and even killed some that too good earning blog. I can't go in those details in this post but I killed as a 'test', anyone would call me a mad, no blogger will kill an earning blog but I did that. I love doing experiments and did that for my own reasons... details may be sometime later.
If you are planning to build a blog do not do it because you are inspired by success of Mashable, that won't lead you to anywhere. On the internet there are millions of blogs published by companies and individuals like Leo Notenboom, an expert of computer security.
Before you start a blog look what interests you. I worked for many years as Gig worker. But when I found something techy I read that first holding work and loosing money. When you work hourly you are paid for output not hours. Extra reading time I always suppose that I am paying someone so I can read. Things like space, new tech, research data and branding are simply irresistible.
1. Know what is irresistible for you.
Blogging needs lots of writing, everyone can't not do that. Writing is about putting your brainwaves on paper.
2. Ask yourself, am I a writer?
Which book you read recently and how much you liked it or disliked it. What were you able to take from the book? Even if it was a trash. Or you don't like reading.
Blogging needs lots of reading not only in your niche but many things beyond. Without reading you will be miser of words.
3. You should be a good reader to make your blog successful.
Can you find errors in morning newspaper? Can you rewrite an essay or story that you have read recently in different words while keeping its meaning static or to same.
4. Blogging requires editing and proofing content. Nobody will like to read a junk.
How long you can wait for your turn in a salon? Did you curse when barber is busy and there is a long queue?
5. Blogging requires patience.
So before you book your domain name and start blogging check yourself do you have those qualities. Being passionate about a thing is one story but to make it a successful blogging needs lots of sweat mixed with smartwork.
While saying all those words I suppose you are individual and looking to start your new blog and most the work you have to do yourself.


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