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How to stay fit while work from home

Boring is unfit, interesting is always fit. Stay interested. I am sure you want to punch on my face but remember those weekends when you got extra leaves from office due to certain reasons like a festival etc and how much bored you felt. Entire week you look for the Sundays to come but when you got 3/4 leaves in a row you end up talking to your office colleague for long.
Variety works for our body and mind without variety it turn out a garbage bin. Often fitness experts, doctors and well wishers advised you to take variety in your meal and fortunately it works in most of the case specially if you are not sick but not well either. Your stage of body is in limbo. I believe when you do not put variety in your tummy it just start to hate the similar stuff you throw daily inside and over time intestines starts to refuse.
Overdo is boring and boring is unfit. Work from home is old phenomena, companies like Automatic are built by work from home employees. If you see Startups of west you will realize there are many companies those hire workers to work from home.
Fitness is all about body, mind and soul. Indeed I believe you can perform much better while working from home, this does not mean you should work 18 hours a days. Indeed you can break your office shift in small chunks for example 3 hours in morning, 3 hours afternoon and 3 hours in the evening. You can break your own way and you will surprised how much you feel energized despite working 9 hours a day. Our body and mind works best when we do it small chunks. A person may prefer to finish long hours in one go but that won't lead to any positive outcome.
But how will keep your body fit and stay in shape?
I suppose you are completely inside and nowhere to go. Get involved in home chores. Do laundry, clean your desk, cook a meal, mop floor, there are many chores in our homes unattended. Pick a task each day. I am sure there will be a new task everyday and that's interesting.
Go in the Sun. It could be your terrace or balcony; from wherever you can get sunlight, expose your body for 30 minutes a day. Arrrgh that's too much. 10/15 minutes, also fine. Go in the Sun in morning. As Sun rises high in the sky you may be exposed to UV rays and those are harmful.
Be friend with water. Keep a water bottle handy, keep sipping.
Eat balanced food full of vitamins and minerals. Keep variety in your food. So you like eating and your stomach like to digest it. Food easy on stomach is always good. Watch your body what works for you. You know better.
Watch TV. Yes, I said that. You don't mean to glue with TV for 15 hours a day. Define a TV time. Certainly not more than an hours.
Wash your hands before you eat. Many people have bad habits of eating and talking on phone. That's just put me off. That's idiotic. When you are hungry focus on your meal, chew and swallow. Say no to phone while eating.
Pursue a hobby. Love Guitar but can't play. Try it. Nobody will come to hear you first day. Slowly you would become a Tansen
Vent out anger. No don't punch your partner you will end up in jail for sure. Get some punching bags instead. Post a big picture if your self on it and punch, kick or beat with ...... Yes that is anger management. And if that's not enough through your rolex out of the window or your slipper of one leg but mind it it won't land to wrong places. Else I won't come to save you.
Stay Hungry. Do not always eat like a buffalo. Skip breakfast once in a week. Let your body know how it feels.
Call a friend in midnight. Yes then you will know how hard it is to keep those idiots. And if you blessed without a duffer at the moment call yourself. Yes, that possible. Write a letter to your self, write a diary.  Or talk to you in silence.
Go silent. Its you time, its me time. 15 minutes a day, do nothing, sit under the sky or look out of window. Feel the aroma of night sky just close your eyes in nothingness.
Read a book. How about a page a day. Read any books that will work wonder.
Sleep tight. Tomorrow will come always even if you won't worry about it. When you go bed sleep tight. Throw all business questions and other problems out of the window. Tight sleep is a must to stay healthy. Bath before you set to night sleep and you will be surprised with the results.
Spend more money. Many people often not save money because they spend it little-2. When you go to bar, order your favorite drink. Buy your favorite shirt, eat in nice place.Many people repeat mistake of not enjoying meal or cloth or a fav drink but often end up buy cheap and making a false promise to save more from next day but that never happen. And they repeat the same process daily. But if you get experience are less likely to repeat it. Repetition in boring, mind it.  
Break the pattern. Many ways to do it. You work daily 9 to 5. Pick your day, and work overnight. Or become a cook for whole neighborhood. Why not to make some biscuits and offer anyone and all. Or feed the dogs. 
Note: This article is by normal human for normal human. I am not a doctor. 


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