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7 ways to earn money from writing

If you are good in a subject, it could be any, if your previous knowledge was so scary, if you get better everyday, then writing could be your business choice. Internet has converted writing into a graveyard, I am sorry to say this, but today everyone is a writer. However, writing is not about copying from here and there and rephrasing, writing is not about everything perfect. Many beginners seeking job suddenly start claiming that they are a writer, if this is the case please stop reading. I don't want you to read my article.
Writing is something that comes from within, no not like a love at first sight, indeed, when you question, when you ask too many questions around something and seek for answer then that could be your area of interests. You can put your thoughts on a doc. If you think, can I start writing as business, go one step back and ask what are the questions I ask to myself everyday and those questions belongs to where, nature, politics, technology, unknown, family or something else. And if writing is something i can do effortlessly. If you have many questions and you seek answer then you could be a writer. And if this is the case you can make writing your full time business, get ready for rejections.
There are many ways to become a writer and earn money and when you are established you can start your writing consultancy. How is not part of this article but may be later in some other post. Following are given some way to become a writer preferably freelance writer and may be a full time writer.
Subject Matter Writer: This could be one of the easiest ways to begin if you are good in any subject. To begin with you can approach publication houses and offer them free proofreading. Gradually you will gain momentum. There are many people online who will take free services but i suggest you to go and meet publications. Real connections are compulsory to get a place in industry.
Content Writing: New websites are coming everyday. Approach to website owners in your area of interest and offer them writing services. Dotcom boom will never happen again but it will keep spreading perhaps till AI goes to its next level but that is not going to happen so soon. Content demand for websites is same like food for living.
Blogging: Website owners look to write blog posts for websites, products and services. Often blogs are regularly updated and so the need for writers is continuous.
Social Media Writing: Today is the era of sending content to customers. Crowd is huge on social media. normally companies connect with many social media to get those eyeballs on products and web pages.
Presentations: Company managers are busy fellows. After whole days of hectic work writing presentation for next meeting is quite a task. Often times these people hire freelancers to write presentations etc. LinkedIn is one good platform to meet people like CEOs, Managers and Hiring Managers etc. Also many look for personal branding through means of content.
Forum Questions and Answers: There are many forums like Quora, DigitalPoint Reddit etc. Find your niche, get active there, build connections and seek work.
Writing for Newspapers: Try your luck you can get a place. Normally you need to send many emails, schedule several meetings before you get a chance.
Writing for magazines: Magazines are published in different time frames like weekly, by weekly or monthly etc. Buy magazines in your niche, pick the contacts and make approach.
Writing for movies: Do not wish for a first super hit movies or a tele serial. If you are beginner, make connections and tell them what you can write.
Generally, you may need to offer free writing service in the beginning. Also there are persons who will pay you stipend or some pocket money, also there is other breed that will take much much of your free writing for free and won't appreciate and will use you. But that is part of work. If you are good in your niche, you knowledge is worth and you can offer something better, in a matter 2 to 3 months you may start getting paid writing assignments.

Do you have a question? Feel free to ask me through contact page of this blog.


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