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Octave to take your business online free with no money

Looking to build an Amazon or Google? Those guys also started from somewhere. A friend of mine started from a tea shop and in a year she become capable to buy her own house. Definitely not by selling 4 cups of tea to a customer who need 1 but by growing vertically. This article is not for miser mindset. If you are someone novice to online world and not sure where to begin online that too when you are going to build your first business, then here are some points of advice.
If you know very less computers, can't do much more with mobile phones but if you have a product and want to set online shop with no investment of money here are some ways to do it. And all you can do this using Do It Yourself tools/DIY tools. Remember when you get things for free there are certain limitations, but using a DIY tool is not a bad idea and as soon you get better with business your sales start increasing you can chose for premium services.
Free Business Email: Gmail is largest email provider now. Perhaps you already have a personal email. Create a new google account with professional name. Using free Gmail you can send/receive limited number of emails but that number is not small for a beginner.
Free Business Whatsapp group: Personal chats are personal, create your group, where people can send you business messages. This will help you in getting recognition.
Free business website: There are many cms based options like wordpress, googlesites and wix etc. You can (Do It Yourself - DIY) create a website free. Your business name in address bar will appear like a subdomain. You can create unlimited number of pages. However, create wisely. For a complete beginner a one page website will be good to go.
Free directory listings: There are many free online websites where you can display your products. Search for such popular websites in your area and create free listings.
Free social media promotion: Make social media for your business. Then make use of free social media promotion websites to get visibility. There are many.
Free press releases: There are many news websites those accept free press release. Go there and publish your launch.
Free forum discussion: Online forums like Reddit, Quora, Digital Point etc are good to get known.
Free networking: Attend webinars and seminars related your business both online and offline; interaction is key for sales. Use the power of #Hashtags to connect with like minded people and businesses.
In the digital era which is moving to its next phase where orders may be placed using AI sending your business online is important. 20 Years back from today there was no online Pizza delivery, now we have android. Who know in coming days people use digital assistant to order things or call a doctor. Time is coming when you say, hey alexa, hey siri, hey google fix my appointment with doctor, or I am hungry order a Pizza and rest will be done using AI.
Get ready for the next revolution if you are a business owner or looking to start. There were times when shops on front road side were generating higher revenue than the shops in back lane. Now is the era of digital. If you are not connected with digital assistant won't be able to find you or your shop.
Free things are free for you but not for the service providers; certainly there will be limitations. Use fair usages policy and as you grow chose for premium services.
Do you have a question? Feel free to ask me using contact page.


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