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Why small blogger fails

If you are blogging solo,
  • Focus on your niche and stick to it.
  • Read a lot.
  • Research.
  • Go library, subscribe to ebooks.
  • Listen to experts.
  • Ask many questions.
  • Take many questions from your readers.
  • Be open to critics.
  • Solve problems.
  • Write what you know, references are a must.
  • Do not try to be like someone. Be your own-self.
  • Post regularly.
  • Be realistic
  • Set tough goals
  • Focus on quality not quantity.
  • Know your market and be there.
  • Advertise your blog.
  • Revise old posts.
  • Work on UI/UX.
  • Write better next day.
  • Be open to change with time.
Fail everyday, learn everyday.
Failure is when you do not learn from previous day, if you are learning and getting better day by day you are on the right path.
Do not make mistake of aiming too high, instead take small steps.


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