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What I learn from Parle-G

Parle-G, who don't know that name in India. Home or Office, Birthday's or a casual visit, morning snacks or evening tea breaks. Good times or days of struggle. Parle-G is always there to help you. 

Those were good old days, all play, all fun, fighting with siblings and turn to be a sweet boy if mother is watching. My uncle used to visit us every now and then and each time he made sure to come with one packet of Parle-G biscuit. He happen to be a first class academician.

Actually this was the only packet I was allowed to accept from a guest, else, any other thing brought by anyone was completely not allowed. When I little grew up and my other uncle and sisters taught me counting I counted biscuits inside. Then I counted again in next week, then perhaps in next week. And I concluded 12 biscuits for Rs. 2.

I did all divisions, multiplications, subtractions and additions around my cookies.

To a young chap the Print of Child on the packet was a catch. I used to think why after opening packet and when I keep it safe after taking my quota of 2 the child on the packet do not eat, Many times I counted next day from the remaining and found the child is loyal to cookies.

I regret growing up, uncle stopped bringing biscuits for me. And further I got jealous because uncle again started bringing same packet but now not for me, now that goes to young kids in the house.

Time passes as usual and casual. A shopkeeper asked how going work, you are IT guy. I said recession is hitting every industry, I work for different clients. He asked what you do extra, I said I do blogging, it does not make money or very less money but gives me identity and references.

The other guys said, that's important. You cannot think about making money from everything. See parle-G has many products but it did not stopped selling biscuit of Rs. 2 a packet. They are reaching to everyone by that measure. See any shampoo company, together with bottles they make sure to sell shampoo packets of Rs one or two cost.

And I was like, hey, now do not get Rs. 2 biscuit pack from my uncle any more.

But that pack told me one thing, for rupees 2 you can get this N numbers of biscuits only while N is a variable.


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