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Leadership of Jacinda Ardern is a silent winner

She is a down to earth.
She stays calm.
She understand situation.
She take calculative moves.
She feel for people behind her.
She cares.
She love.
She celebrate.
She is Jacinda Ardern
She is The Prime Minsiter of New Zealand during COVID 19 Pandemic.
Today New Zealand is celebrating, NZ become the first CORONA virus free country and this become possible because of the Man Behind Chair, the Jacinda Ardern.
I am not sure if Prime Minister won't like all praise here and she will punish me for publishing her name without consent, I don't know at all, but one thing I can say with guarantee,
there are three types of political leaders in the world,
Doer, Idler and Jacinda Ardern 
I grown listening to Rajiv Gandhi, AB Vajpayee, Bill Clinton, Barak Obama and the likes, Their leadership certainly deserves a bow.
But when you talk about Jacinda a bow seems little less.
I read the news via NDTV web portal and you know what, I clapped, I clapped without knowing it what I just did, then I look around to realize yes, nobody is there to watch me, else someone may think why clapping without reasons; shy,,,
I learnt the value of real clap and when it naturally comes out when no one asking you not you thinking about it; just happened, that is real clap, real appreciation and respect from heart.
While world is running under tremendous fear of Corona Virus, a lady from Oceania shown, man can do it.
If you want to be a leader learn from Jacinda.
Success is yours.
Written in appreciation and to help readers of this blog to learn from a person who is one from among us.
Be productive like Jacinda......


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