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How to brand your coaching business

Coaching institutes are one of the significant entity in business world. In India there are cities known for coaching centers like New Delhi, Kolakata, Mumbai, Kota, Trivandrum, Hyderabad, Guwahati, Chandigarh etc. List is huge. In major cities there are top banners those advertise at a very very very large scale. Then  there are mid sized those hire teachers while main boss sits behind the enclosures, then there are individuals who teach self and also hire some teachers basede on requirements. I have seen many coaching centers opening and closing gates in a few months and years. Normally common reasons cited are, students are not coming to us or we have faculty crunch or we don't have advertising budget, not making profits.
If you are going to open a coaching center or already have one its simple you mean to earn money and you need head counts, you need good teacher who work for less pay, this is undeniable fact. But did you ever thought what students need, what parents expect and what school teachers expect. Every student need good marks, each parent wants someone who can take care child's need and every teacher want student who should stay in the class, listen to teacher and bring good results.
When you invite an student to learn you need not to satisfy only one mind but three, a student, a parent and a teacher. If you can strive to satisfy these three your brand will flourish. You will be best educator in the town. So here is how to brand your coaching business.
Deliver fun: If you are not a doctor do you like to read neurology? Every student don't like Photoelectric effect in fact there are few. Your coaching is useless if student need to work hard. Teach smart learning. Devise methods that should be funny to learn and engaging. If you are engaging students your classes are useless.
Hire best faculty: Perhaps you are not going to teach each and every subject. Best faculty comes for a price. If you are an English person, you can't understand Geometry. Now when hiring teachers in your budget invite candidates and find best a teacher in the town who can come for a demo class. Pay for listening. You will be able to bring best teacher on board.
Charge reasonably: Fees slab should be according to budget of parents. Know the area where you going to set your classes. Fees should be affordable. If someone can't pay, teach free, do not tell you teaching free, that is your investment, they will be your brand ambassador.
Group logically: Every student has some weak areas and some stronger areas of study. Someone may have difficulty in learning Calculus, others may have in learning Newton's laws. Instead of telling students to work, group according to learning difficulties.
Be available: You and teaching staff should be available to take students problems all the time. Certainly you are not a machine. Facilitate them with social media where students can ask questions. If its your family time, they will leave a question and you will answer at the earliest. Be available to parents too. Once in a week or month invite parents for interaction. You nobody to tell your daughter is very week in Maths. You are paid to make her good in Maths. Talk with parents, learn and apply for the growth of students.
Be Humble: Teachers are supposed as strict being, Friendly and humble behavior will make students learn better from you. Go and kick a dog in the roads, you know what will happen. How you can you expect humans to listen and understand you if you are not polite enough. If you are not friendly you could not be a good teacher, not a subject coach anyway.
Reward performance: A smile is worth thousands of golden globe. When your students perform do not short in extending praise. Celebrate the performance of those kids. They are your bread winner.
Pay reasonably: Depending on your area and budget pay to faculty members and staff nice sum. Do not use someone because there is job shortage in the market. You coworkers won't deliver. Pay them so as they can meet expenses well.
Feedback: Prepare a feedback form and ask students, parents and teachers of schools to rate your performance. This would prove milestone to move to next level.
Facilitate: As beginner you may not offer fancy desk. But as your business flourish spend in infrastructure. That's important. Why not teach to them on a sofa instead of hard plastic chairs.
Advertise: Power of advertising is undeniable. Plan your budget and hire a good advertising agency to work with you.
Extra Classes: Why not some chocolates for everyone? Classes will go well with added compassion.
Charity: There are many who can't afford coaching classes? Why not to open your doors for all once in a while?
Branding is an integral part of doing business, even if you are individual, then too your personal branding is a must. Branding does same for a business that exercise does for the body.


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