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Qualities in a brandable domain name

Branding is not just a word; in one line i would define it as branding (b) = efforts (e) x trust (t). To say its very simple in practice its not easy. Building mountain high trust need seamless efforts. To establish a brand, it take generations, and demolish it take nothing more than fraction of a second and bad intents. In this side of world TATA is a brand, it represents not only an industry logo but also when you seen it somewhere on the walls, in back of your mind you know what TATA stands for. IBM, who don't, Virgin who don't wana fly, those are big big, truly big not only in terms of market share but the space these companies has gotten in the hearts of people is really really deep. If you are going to start a business and looking to build something be ready with enough of fuel to put efforts and win trust. Be trusted like TATA.
If you are looking to get your business domain name looking for something awesome i would like to inform you every name is awesome. Its you who give your domain identity. However you can consider some points before you buy
Short: A domain name should be easy to type. People won't like to key too many characters to visit your website.
Meaningful: A domain name should hold a meaning, something that relates to people and your business.
No mispellings: Sometime people put some extra characters to a great domain extension for example a dot com. If you do so make sure it won't look dirty and should be easy to spell.
Great extension: They say dot com is a great extension always. I agree with this but you cannot find a dot com always. You can chose for other meaningful tlds that may represent your work. For example biz means business. It make a good extension for b2b type businesses. A dot shop is good for your online shop.
Easy to remember: Did you forgotten all the nursery rhymes? A domain name should be easy to say so it may fit better in memory.
Avoid use of numbers, special characters and connecting words: It depends on situation and requirements but good if you can avoid those. Typing numbers is a task with characters., Connecting words like in, at, and; and characters like - etc makes a name long and difficult to say.
Too Fancy: That looks pretty on malls not on web browsers.
Relate to your industry: Make use of search engine to see how many domains with similar name exists in your industry. The name you think of should belong to your niche.
Correlation with tld: Anyone can take a dot co but that means company. If for a shoe selling shop a dot shop or dot biz could be better than dot co. Of course you will look for a dot come first, that I know.
Right mix of words: Often its not easy to find a domain name with single or double words. High value words are generally premium domains and cost very high. If you are alternating between words make sure combination is right and meaningful.
Friendly: You mean business, a domain name should not reflect any short of correlation with any particular groups. For example putting your surname in a domain name is not a good idea for your shop. However, exceptions could be there.
Easy to say: It should be polite enough and not loud. You won't like to scare customers.
Witty: Being humorous is fine but mind the gaps, it should not be insulting.


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