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A-void, if we look into the word Avoid, we can break into two different words A' & Void'
In life we need to avoid negative sources of energy. Irrespective of who you are, student, job goer or business person, situation arise when you need to avoid some particular people or situation. You need to create 'A Void' and the source of destruction.
Often what happen is, in the process to avoid we overthink about that particular and negatives. The negative emotions that we build within our mind create much stronger association, we think more and more and do the damage. The law of physics says, negative attracts. The negative thoughts that we feed in our mind attracts that particular set of object or person.
Better remedy to avoid is, assign yourself new set of responsibilities, engage with better things, better thoughts and better emotions. When you are engaged with better things there will be no space in your mind to let in negative thoughts.
Avoid does not employ you can change a person or situation, in fact nobody can do that. You can change yourself. To change self is thousands of times easier that the things out there in the world. Avoid does not mean fights and going away. Avoid simple mean to crate a void, 'silence' and fill the gaps with better things.
Avoid does not mean hate, more you hate more stronger the negative feelings will engulf you.
Fill yourself with positive energies, positive thoughts, positive thoughts. Remember when you hate your enemy wins.
Avoidance is when without going away from the situation making yourself better. When you do this negative energies stop engulfing you.
Let me tell you by example, my company where I used to work some 10 years back appointed a new team manager. My job was not limited to copy writing but to look after overall health of the company. The new appointee was not well behaved. I got two choices, either to complaint about bad behavior of other guy or raise a complaint. I chosen a third path 'AVOID'
I greeted every morning everyone with same passion and intent as I used to do before including this guy.
My usual routine was, good morning everyone and then switch on my work station and do whatever i supposed to do.
Couple of times this new guy tried to distract by different means, a given day he approached me asking, do this work, I told Sure, he told complete this before lunch, I calmly replied, Sorry Mr X, I am engaged with many major projects, your task will be done but after I complete tasks I am already working on.
He told, if you don't have time who to look for this, and I told sorry, I can't do it in such a short notic, I cannot leave important projects. At times, he used to indirectly talk bad about me, my caste, color, weight etc etc. I never paid heed. He was so frustrated, he raised a false complaint. My CEO called, asking, do you want to retain the job or leave. My reply was can I get an hour to think and sharp after one hour I told my CEO, Sir I will prefer to chose later. He was surprised and shocked both. Then it was my turn, I asked my CEO, since now I am going, can I tell you reality that I know. Obviously I told. He is a gentleman, his intentions were never to fire me, but now things were out from our hands, in the next hour I was jobless. Its gone 12 years since then and I am happy to tell you I extend my services to same company as consultant in all these years. Nothing has changed for me, except I got freedom to work from anywhere.
More responsibilities are given and I proudly love to carry those.
You must be curious about other guy, sorry readers, who count bed bugs?
That is the power of avoidance, if I argued that day with my CEO or may I have tried to tell a lie he may not have trusted me definitely.
Me and my team mates pretty young guys were cracking jokes, Mr. X conveyed to CEO I was talking like that and this is serious. Rest is history.
Avoid has done favor to me, no regrets.
You are better productive when you avoid sources of negative energies. Things will happen, that does mean everything will go ideal. You cannot turn every event in your favor, but you won't be effected either.
If you are not affected, how does it matter to you what is happening in the periphery.


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