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Why CEOs should hear customer's voice

CEOs and Founders are busy professionals. Customer Care is not there job. That's why customer care staff is out there. Even there are Customer Care Companies to those companies outsource customer care Job. I have seen many small shops growing to company, from one man army expanding to team and then shutting down doors. I ran a blog successfully but later outsources it and its shut now.
Outsourcing is not bad; if I speak against outsourcing and my employers read perhaps I would be first person to see the doors.
Outsourcing for big companies is obvious and also when your tiny venture need continuous attention. I made my blog successful, but then my computer was never closed, it was part of my every moment. If you are an startup, a freelancer or someone looking to make something better, do not shy in outsourcing but be accessible to clients.
If you are not accessible to customers, if you are thinking customer care is not your job or a Founder should not listen to complaints, you are on wrong path. This path will simple lead you to a dark trap.
  • This was you who made that product in hope of sales.
  • This was you who build that service in hope of subscription.
  • This was you who dream of making business big.
  • This was who think of people will pay you hard money.
  • This was you who think of to gain respect through your work.
Business means sales and good business means repeat customers, and new clients more often.
Now when a client give call you are nowhere. It will be answered by customer care.
Do your customer care carries same visions as you?
Of course not; then how can you think of customer care will turn customers into connections. These are no reasons why a customer service put lot of efforts to build that connection.
Leaving a business too early in hands of customer care is a blunder.
You cannot take all sales calls but be accessible. If these are early days be available for all customer service. And at a stage when you find yourself much busy out source or hire customer service.
But be accessible. Your contact information should be available to customers. Worried about privacy? Make a Google Form and Mark it as 'if not satisfied mail to CEO'.
So you can solve problems of most unsatisfied clients when they are in need.
When you were in need they came to you brought your product and make your company rolling.
Now its your moral responsibility to feel them great and not any less.
Your company belongs to clients.
If clients are not satisfied your products are not needed. 
How I broke my blog?
I started earning a decent sum working 3 to 4 hours daily. Start 3 months was nightmarish but it started running itself. Also it became a habit I hired someone in thought that I will pay whole earning from this blog. After all if its growing its my brand. And of course my clients pay me for my expenses why work so hard. purpose of my failed blog was to get recognition. I thought its smart decision. And I paid price by discontinuing.
For your company biggest brand ambassador is you. Never take it any less seriously. Never take less thought out decisions.
Leaving things too early in third hands or completely leaving a responsibility on someone else soldiers is same like leaving a toddler completely in the hands of baby sitter.
I engage with customer service of different companies 3 or 4 times over a year, in my experience I never got a services properly without speaking issues to higher authorities. I never got a solution in very first call.
I was with a company and part of responsibility was to chat to students and solve queries.
A new man was hired, he was better equipped with child counseling etc. Fine, I thought some responsibilities will be shared now.
Suddenly no of queries declined in our chat server.
I was shocked and in thought my CEO must tell me the new guy put less time for chat session.
But question was how world problems solved all of a sudden.
I observed chat log.
Female candidates gotten more time than males.
It was unnecessary stretched.
For boys response for a typical question was in one line and often illogical too. Even sometime scolding was involved.
For girls chat was engaging and very high time.
I like to take care for my employers brand like a baby. Perhaps because they give me food and shelter.
I took a drastic step, thought if I will be fired for this that will be my fate.
From computer I chatted with new counselor using a different name, he was not answering my query properly. And he was instructed by company CEO that he may count on me if stuck. I grilled him. He started bad mouthing.
Again I did next day
Again I did next day
I faces same abuses and even harsher.
ID name was different each time.
Now this was my turn
I dialed him from a different number and you can guess what I did?
Told him this was me. He was frozen.
But unfortunately I don't give second chance.
Sent all chat records to CEO asking if the purpose of our company has changed.
No replies came, no emails, no phone calls, but yes, chat server load increases again.
Later company stopped that service for obvious reasons and we opened Forum and Email support.
I am fortunate and thankful to CEOs that they trust on me. And everyday I experience new excuses,  but I learn everyday way's people can put excuses to feel you satisfied.
Remember, if you put excuses to make your clients feel satisfied, you not doing customer sevice but 


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