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Why landing page is a must for your blog

Convert … Convert … Convert…

If you are not converting your blog traffic, if your audiences are not asking you to write more and if they are not downloading your ebooks, then you are not blogging it right. Without conversion blogging is purposeless.

Blogging is most popular means of saying your words to public, getting attention and generating leads. Often many bloggers fail in converting traffic; sometimes they do not create a landing page or do it very casually. Result; very low level of conversion or none at all. Half of the bloggers are a fail because of purpose less blogging.

Challenges of online teaching

Many, and if I say like Sir Abhijeet Banerjee then (many, many, many, many, many ~ as counted Karan Thapar in interview with Wire) Watch here;( ..... :-) Respect!
If you are a teacher but still better comfortable with your old Keypad based phone than an iPhone now it's your turn now to learn new things. Online class delivery could be a challenge for MANY teachers especially those who are pretty used to write on a blackboard and maybe never opt for any other means of communication. In South Asia and especially India teachers will face bigger challenges being not technology savvy.
Learning a new thing is not that tricky. Online class delivery is really really fun once you learn it you will love doing it but the challenge is to do it right. To help teachers who all of a sudden are in dire need to deliver lectures online here is a link that I found while taking my daily dose of science. 
Five tips for moving teaching online as COVID-19 takes ho…

How to use Video Builder

Take your business online, tell your audience in a video from your laptop or phone, no special setup required. This DIY Video Builder is similar like writing an email.